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By | August 23, 2018
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7 Facts About Hurricanes you NEED to know…

by SERVPRO Ft. Lauderdale North

What about hurricanes causing damage to your home? And what should you do to stay safe?

As Hurricane Lane is creeping towards Hawaii – we realize more and more that these natural disasters are real and can approach even when we least expect it.  Being prepared is the best plan.

SERVPRO Ft. Lauderdale North provides restoration services that will help to save the day after even the worst of hurricanes.  If you haven’t seen our previous posts about Hurricanes, click the links below.

Hurricane Prep Tips – Ft. Lauderdale and Plantation
Hurricane Facts and Figures

1.  Primary Causes of Hurricane Damage

The two main causes of hurricane damage are from high winds and flash flooding from the torrential rains.

These high speed winds can break windows and blow in garage doors. Damage in your neighborhood is inevitable because everything in nature can become a projectile in these powerful gusts.

On the other hand the torrential downpours can often cause flooding from overwhelmed gutters and downspouts, broken windows and damaged roofs, and saturated soil around and near your home.

2. Categories?

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale was created in the 1970’s and rates hurricanes based on their wind speed.

A larger number means a more intense hurricane: a Category 1 hurricane will inflict some damage to houses while a Category 5 will destroy a significant number of houses.

Click this link to see a visual interpretation of each category provided by the weather channel.

3. Flooding

To best prepare for storms, check to see whether you live in a flood or storm surge zone. The federal government has several websites designed to help you figure out your risk of flood hazards. You can just search your address and the database will tell you whether you’re at low, moderate, or high risk of flooding.

4. Storm Warnings vs Hurricane Warnings

Hurricane or tropical storm watches mean that weather conditions make it likely that there’s going to be a hazard. These are issued 48 hours before authorities think storm-force winds will reach the area.

A warning, on the other hand, means that the tropical storm or hurricane is expected to hit your area, and come 36 hours before the anticipated onset.

Meanwhile, an extreme wind warning means that hurricane-force winds of more than 115 miles per hour are expected within the subsequent hour, so you should take shelter somewhere stable immediately.

5. Safety is Preparedness

You and your family should have an emergency plan that includes where you will meet if you get separated during an emergency, how you’ll get in touch if your phones don’t work, where you’ll go if you need to evacuate, and how you’ll get there.

6. What about our fluffy friends?

Can you evacuate with Po? Will he fit with you in the safe room? Furthermore, will you even be able to find Po? Keep pet food in your emergency kit, and don’t forget a can opener if you need one. When the storm hits, even if you’re staying home, put your pet in a carrier in case you have to evacuate last-minute. And microchip your cat or dog so that in the event you get separated, vets and rescue personnel will be able to track you down.

7. Call SERVPRO Ft. Lauderdale North

In the wake of a particularly bad hurricane, you may need to get in touch with emergency personnel, your electric company, your insurance agent, etc. Make sure you have numbers for hospitals, important utilities, your property insurer and your local restoration company.

A storm damage restoration company like SERVPRO Ft. Lauderdale North will help you deal with hurricane damage quickly. With 24-hour emergency response and the tools and equipment to deal with the damage to trees, siding and flooding, they’re you’re one-stop-shop for hurricane damage.

Give us a call at (954) 733-1006 or visit our website at

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