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By | December 11, 2018

Reducing the Spread of Mold Anywhere!

If you notice that mold has already started to grow, the remediation specialists from SERVPRO Plantation North will need to fix not only the water damage but also the mold problem. When your home floods, the subsequent water damage can lead to black mold growth if not remedied fairly quickly.  Before they arrive for water and mold cleanup, however, there are three steps you need to take, reducing the spread of mold.

Stop Moisture Causing Source to Reduce the Mold Growth

One thing your situation does not need is more moisture or water flow to the area.  You may not be able to undo the damage that has already occurred, but you can prevent further damage by cutting water off at the source. Unless Reducing the Spread of Moldyou know specifically where the leak is coming from, you should just turn the water off for that whole section of your home.

Stop All Air Flow, Reducing the Spread of Mold

The first instinct of many homeowners when they have a moisture problem is to open up all the windows and doors and get air flow going through the house.  When mold is actually growing in a particular area, the concentration of spores in the air is higher. You want to keep that mold concentration contained as much as possible.

If you have a black mold problem, however, this increased air flow just spreads the problem. You may start with mold in one room but it may grow into the hallway and surrounding areas. Shut air intake vents and turn the system off to prevent an epidemic of mold growth through your entire home.

Call The Professionals – SERVPRO Plantation

Mold cleanup is generally a job for the professionals, but you can make their job easier by keeping the black mold from spreading into other areas of your home. By shutting off the air flow and the water supply, you can help keep the problem contained.

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