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Is Your Family at Risk from Lead Paint?

What You Need To Know Lead paint was commonly used in the US prior to 1978, when it was banned, but not before being used in over 38 million homes. Exposure to lead can affect development of the brain and nervous system, particularly in children. This can cause reduced IQ, learning disabilities and behavioral problems.… Read More »

Where to Turn for Automotive Biohazard Cleanup

What is an Automotive Biohazard and How Does One Occur? An automotive biohazard occurs when an organic fluid, most commonly blood is introduced into a vehicle, usually the cabin area. This can lead not only to a difficult stain to clean, but a potential hazard for the vehicle owner. There are many causes for an automotive… Read More »

9 Holiday Fire Safety Tips From the American Red Cross

Holiday Fire Safety Tips The holidays are a time for decoration, celebration and family. But with our secor and festivities comes a creater risk of fire. Candles, festive lights, decor and large scale cooking all come with the season, but can lead to some dangerous scenarios. In fact, The American Red reports that nearly 47,000… Read More »