Prevent Fire Damage 2018 New Years Resolution! Plantation & Ft. Lauderdale

By | December 11, 2018

New Years Resolution: Prevent Fire Damage

New Years’ resolutions are a staple of many Americans’ holiday seasons when decisions are made to fundamentally change the lives of those making them for the better. While we often struggle to maintain and meet up to our expectations, these resolutions can be very beneficial if we really followed them… Of course some more than others (Like to Prevent Fire Damageprevent fire damage).

Happens to Everyone…

Have you ever caught yourself almost causing a fire?  Leaving the stove running, or forgetting a pot of cooking food on the stove?  Maybe over microwaving something or accidentally forgetting to blow out a candle?  It happens to everyone, but for some, these small instances turn into major life changing fires..

Let’s make a new years resolution to prevent fire damage chances in all of those little moments, so we don’t have experience one of those BIG moments!

Being Careful With Flame

Open flames of all sizes can directly lead to significant fire damage in your  home. Anything in your home that produces an open flame could represent an enormous fire hazard. In general, we recommend keeping the use of these devices to a minimum, but instead of giving up your habits entirely, consider making them more safe and well-contained. Never let candles and kitchen appliances run without your presence in the room. Little changes like these can make a big difference in the future.

Cleaning Up Around The Home

Keeping your home neat and clean not only makes it look better and more livable but also reduces your risk of fire damage. Many fires start because of excess dirt and clutter in a home, and can easily be averted with a reduction to these factors.

Perform Monthly Maintenance
Every month or two, inspect essential safety devices such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and any relevant escape routes to make sure they are ready and able to react to disaster. Just thirty minutes per year could avert a disaster that might otherwise cost thousands to clean up.

Learn how we handle these fixes once it happens by clicking here!

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