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After a Hurricane Call SERVPRO Ft. Lauderdale North

7 Facts About Hurricanes you NEED to know… by SERVPRO Ft. Lauderdale North What about hurricanes causing damage to your home? And what should you do to stay safe? As Hurricane Lane is creeping towards Hawaii – we realize more and more that these natural disasters are real and can approach even when we least… Read More »

New Year’s Safety 2018

Countdown to the new year! And with that, drinking, partying, and celebrating. We all enjoy bonfires, sparklers, and fireworks to start off the new year with a bang! Fire and fireworks can be fun, but they can also be dangerous if used carelessly. in fact, fireworks alone were responsible for some 11,000 injuries in 2016 alone.… Read More »

Holiday Fire Safety Tips 2017

During this time of year, we cannot stress enough how important fire safety is. Almost every wintertime holiday celebration involves candles, bonfires, or other potential fire hazards. In 2016 alone, 3,390 civilians died in fire-related incidents- the majority of which occur around the holidays. Stay safe this holiday season by following these holiday fire safety… Read More »

Your Fire Safety Plan and You

Home fires have been in a steady decline for the last 30 years, but they still account for over 2,000 deaths and 10,000 injuries every year. Unfortunately, some disasters you can’t predict, but there are a few steps you can take to ensure your safety in the event of a fire in your home. The… Read More »

Ozone Generators and Fire Restoration

Ozone is triatomic oxygen or enriched oxygen. Rather than having two atoms like in the oxygen we breathe, ozone has three bonded oxygen atoms. It is a strong oxidizing agent as well as a sterilizing agent most commonly used in fire restoration to eliminate smoke odors. We at SERVPRO Ft. Lauderdale North use machines known… Read More »

9 Holiday Fire Safety Tips From the American Red Cross

Holiday Fire Safety Tips The holidays are a time for decoration, celebration and family. But with our secor and festivities comes a creater risk of fire. Candles, festive lights, decor and large scale cooking all come with the season, but can lead to some dangerous scenarios. In fact, The American Red reports that nearly 47,000… Read More »