2018 Hurricane Preparation Tips and Tricks

By | September 19, 2018

With the height of hurricane season looming, 2018 hurricane preparation should be top priority for all Florida residents. SERVPRO Plantation is here to help with these 2018 hurricane preparation tips.

2018 Hurricane preparation tips:

2018 Hurricane Preparation

  • Fill your vehicle’s gas tank and any gas cans ahead of time.
  • Having a few camping lanterns will come in handy in the event of any power failures.
  • Before a storm hits be sure you’ve stocked up on clean drinking water or bottled water- one gallon per person per day for no less than three days.
  • Invest in a battery powered or hand crank radio to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in your area.
  • Fill large freezer bags with water and freeze them with your freezer turned to its coldest setting. If the power goes out, you’ll have blocks of ice to preserve things in the fridge and coolers.
  • Be sure to withdraw cash from your bank account before the storm as some banks can be closed for days until power is restored.
  • Unplug TVs, computers, and appliances before the storm to avoid damages to electronics.
  • If you can’t stay with friends or family outside of evacuation zones, be aware of your nearest hurricane shelter, and overnight kennels for your furry friends.
  • Consider boarding up your house and going out of town until officials in your area say it’s safe to return.

Your hurricane preparation should be complete well before a storm hits. Hurricane preparation is the most important skill for a south Florida family. The American Red Cross has a complete hurricane preparation checklist available hereSERVPRO Plantation hopes you have a safe and damage-free storm season, but should disaster strike, SERVPRO Plantation will arrive “faster to your disaster” and make it “like it never happened.”

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