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Water damage, fire damage and mold damage discussion and advice

Damage from water, fire or mold can leave home and business owners with many questions. As an owner of a restoration company, SERVPRO of Fort Lauderdale North, I have seen and learned many things about restoration services and the restoration industry. The purpose of this blog is to provide knowledge and assistance to those affected or threatened by water, fire of mold damage.

Preventing Fireworks Fires For The New Years 

Preventing Fireworks Fires For The New Years Here are some general tips to prevent injury or fire damage during the New Year fireworks fun. Fireworks most likely to cause fires are not large displays that go high in the air but the smaller items that go up less than ten feet.  Larger cake style displays go… Read More »

Reducing the Spread of Mold -Aventura, Biscayne Park, Boca Raton

Reducing the Spread of Mold Anywhere! If you notice that mold has already started to grow, the remediation specialists from SERVPRO Plantation North will need to fix not only the water damage but also the mold problem. When your home floods, the subsequent water damage can lead to black mold growth if not remedied fairly quickly.  Before… Read More »

Choose SERVPRO: Restoration Team – Plantation, Davie, Hollywood

Choose SERVPRO Plantation: We Service Cities in all of South Florida All the way from up north in Deerfield Beach to South Miami. Choose SERVPRO the right water cleanup and water restoration company. Though cleanup of a building inundated with water requires special equipment, trained staff and a complete understanding of the process. The company… Read More »

Health – Water Damage Effects – Miami

Water Damage & Your Health If you live in or near Miami or just South Florida in general, you know that many portions near the beach are below water level.  Even worse, these areas flood quite often and many different sources claim within the next 100 years a good portion of the area may be… Read More »

Flood Damage Vs Water Damage: Plantation

Flood Damage and Water Damage are different – FEMA The difference between a water damage and a flood damage is best distinguished by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) flood definition. Simply put, the main difference between a flood claim and a water damage claim is where the water comes from. With flood damage, the… Read More »

General Air Duct Tips – SERVPRO 2018

Is air duct cleaning usually expensive? Cost of the service varies and depends on multiple factors. Where you live, how dirty your system is, how easy it is for the contractor to access the ducts and what your ducts are made of. How often should I get my air ducts cleaned? We recommend air duct… Read More »

Hurricane Florence Floods: Caring for the Carolinas

Hurricane Florence – “Faster to Any Disaster” Last month, the largest storm to make landfall in the Carolinas dumped over 2 feet of water on the Carolinas over the course of 3 days. Hurricane Florence rained more in one hour over the city than the area typically gets during the entire month of September. This… Read More »

Mold Safety Tips: Be Aware of the Basics

Mold Safety Tips If you find mold in your home you may ask yourself, “how dangerous is the mold and what precautions should I take?” There are many questions when it comes to mold, so take a moment and learn about mold safety and removal. What is Mold? Molds are fungi. There are over 100,000 different… Read More »