Monthly Archives: October 2017

Mold in Rented Properties: Who’s at Fault?

So you found mold in a rented unit. Whether you’re the landlord/landlady, or the tenant, this isn’t good news. Thankfully, you know to call SERVPRO Ft. Lauderdale North or SERVPRO Plantation to handle the remediation process. But who is responsible for paying for the cost of services and damages for mold in rented properties? Although… Read More »

Mold Remediation Process: How We Do It

If your are in need of mold remediation services from SERVPRO Ft. Lauderdale North or SERVPRO Plantation, you may be wondering how we do it. How do we know where there’s mold? How do we get rid of it? Who else do I need to hire? Well, we’re going to share with you today the… Read More »

Yacht Water Damage: Can It Happen To You?

Whether you enjoy cruising the ocean blue, relaxing on sunny weekends, or taking a boating trip every summer, your yacht is important to you, so you need to know how to take care of it and what to look out for that indicates yacht water damage in need of professional attention. A few signs of potential… Read More »

Post-Hurricane Mold: Aftermath of Harvey and Irma

The 2017 hurricane season was one of the worst in years. Not only were there more than 5 storms, but over half of them were classified as a “major hurricane” ranking as a category 3 or higher on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale. This hurricane season is already being called one of the costliest in history as far as damages.… Read More »

Fire Damage: Dos and Do Nots

After a fire takes place, there’s a million things on your mind. Hopefully you had a plan in place to protect your loved ones and important property. To help protect your home and belongings from further damage, here are a few tips for what you should and should not do after fire damage takes place.… Read More »

Clean Condos Sell Faster

If you are looking to rent out or sell your condo, ensuring its total cleanliness before putting it on the market is pivotal to finding a buyer faster. Old tenants can leave behind stains on walls, ground in dirt on the carpeting, and all other kinds of wear-and-tear in and around your property. Clean condos… Read More »