Yacht Water Damage: Can It Happen To You?

By | October 10, 2017

Whether you enjoy cruising the ocean blue, relaxing on sunny weekends, or taking a boating trip every summer, your yacht is important to you, so you need to know how to take care of it and what to look out for that indicates yacht water damage in need of professional attention.

A few signs of potential yacht water damage include:

  • minor blistering or bubbling of surfaces in the structure of the yacht
  • excessive mildew odor inside or on deck
  • salty buildup on surfaces inside
yacht water damage

Your yacht is important to you- always be on the lookout for water damage.

If you suspect your yacht has been water damaged, don’t turn anything on and don’t try to fix or clean anything yourself as this can cause more harm than good. Call a professional like those at SERVPRO Ft. Lauderdale North and SERVPRO Plantation (or for your local SERVPRO team call 1-800-SERVPRO). Once you identify and possibly fix the cause of the water intrusion- which can include:

  • salt spray
  • slow leak
  • hurricane
  • etc.

-a SERVPRO team can get started on cleaning any upholstery, decks, walls, and anything else infiltrated by water.

Ocean water and even brackish water, like that in the intercoastal, are particularly difficult to remediate due to the salt content and should be left to your SERVPRO team. The sooner you get a team to your yacht, the less salt damage will occur. Salt will corrode important seals, joints, and mechanical components if left unfixed for too long.

Call SERVPRO Ft. Lauderdale North or SERVPRO Plantation for all your yacht cleaning needs. Faster to any yacht water damage disaster SERVPRO Ft. Lauderdale North and SERVPRO Plantation will make it like it never even happened.

For more information on the SERVPRO Ft. Lauderdale North and SERVPRO Plantation owner Tyrone Po, click here.

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