SERVPRO Fort Lauderdale North: Why I Chose It

By | November 17, 2016

Why SERVPRO Fort Lauderdale North?

SERVPRO Fort Lauderdale North was the restoration company I had decided to purchase, but many people aren’t sure why I made this decision. The funny thing is, before I was an owner, I was a customer of SERVPRO! I had had water damage in my apartment and, like most, I wasn’t really sure who to call. In my mind, one restoration service must be as good as another, right?

Well I can tell you I was wrong. I decided to go with SERVPRO because I remembered them as industry leaders in restoration services. Their tagline “Like it never even happened” had gotten stuck in my head somewhere along the line. I placed a call and within a day they were at my apartment giving me an assessment. Even though I found my self in a decidedly unpleasant situation (my apartment being flooded) I began to feel relief as soon as SERVPRO arrived on the scene. The speed of the response began to set me at ease

The Process

What happened next, I couldn’t believe. The entire experience was, for me, completely top-notch. The professionalism of the technicians, the superiority of their equipment and the overall quality and attention to detail of their work left me in awe. I was beyond satisfied, and after my apartment was restored I was left thinking.

My father worked in hospitality, and instilled in me from a young age the importance of good customer service. This core value of mine i saw reflected in all that SERVPRO had done for me. I was hooked.

From that point, I decided that I wanted to be a part of that outstanding experience for others, even though they may be in a hard situation. I made the move and became owner of SERVPRO Fort Lauderdale North, and the rest, as they say, is History.

SERVPRO Fort Lauderdale NorthIf you’d like to learn more, check out SERVPRO Fort Lauderdale North on the web by clicking here!

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