Bonfire Safety: Keeping Your Family Safe This Season

By | September 25, 2017

Halloween candy is flooding into the stores, pumping spiced everything is approaching, and in South Florida, bonfire season is upon us! In the colder months when people have fun around outdoor fires with friends and loved ones, bonfire safety is the most important to ensure everyone has a good time and stays out of harm’s way.


Basic bonfire safety-

Teach both your children and pets that fire is dangerous and not to be played around. Always keep an eye on little ones and four-legged friends to be sure they don’t get careless and end up hurt. If you feel you need a little extra protection you can

  • put a mesh lid on the pit
  • set up a baby gate around the fire
  • tie up or anchor pets at a safe distance
Bonfire safety

Set up seating at a safe distance from your pit.

If you plan on having a fire on your own property, consider investing in a good quality fire pit. Most pits come with a stand and a protective mesh top and are made out of non-toxic metal with no dyes or finishes. Having a self-contained pit (like the one pictured) will help assure the safety of everyone around, as well as protecting your property.


What to burn-

As satisfying as it might be to throw your greasy burger plate on the fire and watch it burst and sizzle, resist the urge to put anything in the fire besides firewood. Styrofoam and plastic can create toxic smoke, and paper products cause large amounts of hot ash and smoke to billow around the pit area.

Some plants that grow here, like mango trees and black olive can be toxic if burned. Try staying away from burning plants found on your property, as the smoke of toxic plants not only burn the eyes and throat, but poison any food prepared over the fire.


More than anything, bonfires are meant to be a fun, warm gathering place for friends and family as the nights grow colder. SERVPRO Ft. Lauderdale North and Tyrone Po wishes everyone a safe, fun season.


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